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By Greg Frisbee

Sheep Theory

Creativity Self-Help Book

With creativity development tools, you can unlock your imagination and explore the possibilities of thinking outside the box. Whether you’re a professional looking for innovative ways to solve problems or a student building creative skills, these tools are designed to help you maximize on your potential.

Getting stuck on projects and cannot find the way over those blocks?

Looking for fresh ideas to spark your creativity?

In this easy-to-read book, speaker and creativity coach Greg Frisbee shares more than 50 techniques to overcome blocks creatively. In addition to these tools, he also offers insights from other innovators and creative professionals.


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Greg Frisbee

Greg Frisbee is a speaker and creativity coach who specializes in innovation and thinking beyond the box. He has been performing all over the world for over 20 years, bringing a distinctive brand of humor along with juggling, magic and variety skills along with him.

In order to cultivate and encourage creativity and creative problem solving, as well as to assist people in overcoming adversity, Greg created Sheep Theory: Think Outside the Flocks.

Using ideas from this book, Greg thinks you may overcome obstacles you are facing, expand your creativity toolkit, and be more effective in a variety of situations.

Greg also has a degree in Media and Communications, which allows him to turn on and off computers, program televisions, and brew a fantastic cup of coffee.

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Frisbee’s new book Sheep Theory is a fun read with many messages. This book will help you focus and bring your creativity to a new level. If you are in sales of any kind … this is a book for you.

– Amazon Review

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I really liked the techniques and ideas to use to get started in creative thinking and using the imagination.

I also thought the questions and answers and interviews with other entertainers and business people were very helpful.

– Amazon Review

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It’s been a few months since I finished this book and I keep thinking about the exercises and trying new ones.

The chapters are bight sized and easy to read. Each chapter ends with thoughts from a variety of professionals. From clowns to chefs to software engineers. Their thoughts were quite inspiring.

Highly recommended for giving your creativity a boost!.

– Amazon Review

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