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Sheep Theory: Think Outside the Flocks

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Feeling stuck creatively?

Break free with Sheep Theory Creativity Coaching.

Discover practical tools to unlock your creativity and achieve success.

Whether you’re an artist, entrepreneur, or part of an organization, I’ll help you tap into your creative potential and thrive.

Join me on a journey of creative growth.

Let’s turn your challenges into opportunities for your creativity to shine!


I speak and coach on creativity and innovation and how it can stem from adversity and also how to overcome adversity using creativity.

I will present and guide you with tools and actions you can apply quickly and see results to overcome your blocks and challenges creatively.

Additionally, as an independently certified speaker and coach with the John Maxwell Group, I am authorized to speak and coach on a number of the John Maxwell topics, including putting your dream to the test.

Creativity Coaching

I have developed a creativity coaching program and wrote the book:

Sheep Theory – Think Outside The Flocks

Every coaching session is individually based on helping you with your specific needs and goals in overcoming the challenges you face.

By helping you build a creative safety zone and using creativity and outside the box thinking, I will show you how you or your team can overcome the creative blocks and obstacles you face.

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Sheep Theory Professor

  Feel Like It’s Time to Make Changes, But Can’t Seem to Find Your Way?

Creativity coaching is about finding tools and creative solutions to challenges you are facing, defining the goals you want to achieve and taking the necessary steps to get there.

Think of 1:1 creativity coaching as your own personal think tank

It is figuring out the best methods in overcoming your blocks, building your career and pointing your life in the direction of what you want it to be.

You’ll be able to set clearly defined goals and aspirations and come up with inventive ways to make them a reality as you work with me as your creativity coach, helping tap into the solutions that already exist within you.

As a coach, I show you tools and help guide on how you can get there.

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Discover your internal tools to help what’s potentially been holding you back, learn to push your boundaries and conquer some of the self imposed limitations you face

Cultivating and fostering innovation, strength and leadership in overcoming adversity for your business or in your own personal development.

Lessons, insights, videos and links to help you trust in your own voice and work on finding tools together to help you build and grow your own creative thinking skills.

Speaking - Coaching - Masterminds

  • Speaking – at your business, school or association event.
  • One-On-One Coaching – for business or individuals 
  • Mastermind Groups – (training sessions)
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Goal Setting

Helping you to identify your objectives and goals which work in conjunction with your own values and performance style

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Career Advice

Assessing your interests and skill-set to help you build a plan for achieving your creative goals.

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Manage Stress with Creativity

Identify and help discover sources of stress in your personal and professional life and find potential solutions through creativity.

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Personal Growth

Discovering and developing the tools you need to overcome challenges you face and adversity.

What Is Creativity Coaching?
Who is Creativity Coaching For?

Cultivate and foster creativity and innovation. Improve on strength and leadership in your business and in your own personal development.

Lessons, insights, videos and links to help you trust in your own voice and work on finding tools together to help you build and grow your own creative thinking skills.

What is Creativity Coaching ?

A creativity coach is a professional that specializes in assisting you in unlocking and expanding your creative thinking and imagination and helping you to find creative solutions to overcome adversity and challenges.

Who Benefits from creativity coaching?

Creativity coaching can assist anyone who wants to improve their problem-solving abilities, improve their self-esteem, and more.

Creative thinking can have a significant and positive impact on a person’s daily life, affecting anything from their financial habits to their mood, to how grateful they are for what they have, to how stressed they are.

Creativity coaching can benefit anyone who wants to overcome challenges, facing adversity or to improve themselves or their life.

Whether you’re a business leader, a college student, a parent, an artist or a performer, you’re all welcome!

Why You Want a Creativity Coach ?

When it comes to overcoming obstacles and living a happy and fulfilling life, creativity is one of the most valuable tools you may have in your arsenal.

Knowing how to access and apply your creativity will benefit you in all aspect of your life for as long as you put your newfound knowledge into action.

This is about you putting yourself out there and having the creative confidence you need to be successful.

How do I know if creativity coaching is right for me ?

You may want to consider working with a creativity coach if you’ve ever felt:

  • Unable to prioritize your goals
  • Feel over/under whelmed by a task
  • Feel unfulfilled creatively
  • Feel like a fraud or face imposter syndrome
  • That you have run out of ideas
  • You are unable to move forward from an initial concept
  • Disappointed at your lack of creativity or inventiveness,
  • Feel like you aren’t achieving your dreams or reaching your potential
  • Self doubt

About Greg Frisbee

Greg Frisbee is a speaker and creativity coach who specializes in innovation and thinking beyond the box.

Greg has been performing all over the world for more than 20 years, bringing a distinctive brand of humor along with juggling, magic and variety skills along with him. 

In order to cultivate and encourage creativity and creative problem solving, as well as to assist people in overcoming challenges and adversity, Greg created Sheep Theory: Think outside the flocks.

Greg also has a degree in Media and Communications, which allows him to turn on and off computers, program televisions, and brew a fantastic cup of coffee.

Find Your Balance. Set Your Goals. Take A Challenge. Reward Yourself.

Where you want to go and what you want to achieve is where we start!

You possess creative talent, we all do; it’s just tucked away somewhere if you are feeling the blockages. I am aware of this, and I believe you are as well.

With fresh eyes, we will approach your objective and difficulties, viewing everything through the prism of what could be rather than what is.

If you’re ready to begin becoming the person we both know you are capable of becoming, it’s time to begin with Sheep Theory Creativity Coaching…It’s time to think outside the flocks.