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Greg Frisbee - Comedy Entertainment with a new spin logo

Greg Frisbee - Comedy With A New Spin!

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Greg Frisbee - Comedy Entertainment with a new spin logo

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SHOW TITLE: Greg Frisbee – Comedy With a New Spin!


The comedy juggling and variety of Greg Frisbee will have you laughing out loud and keep you on the edge of your seat.

Here are just a few of the things you may see.

Feel the excitement as you watch an incredible display of fire juggling…with Greg’s hands ON FIRE!*

Listen for the laughter as a superhero volunteer spins balls on the beaks of Rubber Chickens.

Watch as ping-pong balls flying thru the air and play a xylophone.

Hard to imagine?

Better yet, this show will be hard to forget!

Artist Bio:


Greg Frisbee performs his comedy variety shows at events around the world. Having performed in all 50 states, on cruise ships and in more than 35 countries to date, he says he is “just getting started.”

Thru the years Frisbee has performed everywhere from State Fairs and festivals to fortune 500 companies averaging over 350 shows per year. He continues to develop his cutting-edge comedy skills and define his unique style everywhere he goes.

In addition to a successful performing career, Greg also holds a college degree in Media Communications, which gives him the ability to turn a computer on and off, program the television and make a great cup of coffee.

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Greg Frisbee - Fire Hands

Greg Frisbee – Fire Hands – High Res

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Greg Frisbee – Comedy with a new spin – HIgh Res


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